Previously on the topic of automating deployments I mentioned that we would “likely to be able to perform more regular releases” now we had a streamlined process. Well, it seems that we are indeed performing more regular deployments!

Since I made the last post on this topic, we have performed 2 more automated deployments - both of which went off without a hitch. The system is now trusted to the point that I jokingly suggested that we do a deploy tomorrow morning and it was accepted instantly. We aren’t at ‘move fast and break things’ rates of deployments yet - but we are doing much better than we were.

As things stand, we know exactly what code we have running. We know exactly what config we have for that code. We know exactly how to redeploy that code. And most importantly, we know we can do the entire deployment in under 3 minutes. All of these combined mean that we are happier than ever to do these deployments, knowing that if we start seeing errors we can roll back to a known good state in under 5 minutes.